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Lembu Paling Besar Didunia

Sebelum ini saya pernah update gambar mengenai lembu paling besar didunia. Namun dengan hanya melalui gambar tidak cukup untuk membuktikan kebenaranya.

Akhirnya saya terjumpa video ini dan gambar dalam post terdahulu saya adalah benar bukan photoshop

Mengenai Lembu Ini :

Chilli was a Friesian Steer. He was 6ft 6″ tall from the floor to the top of his shoulder and 6ft 7ins long and huge when he held his head up. He weighed over 1 ton and at the time was thought to have been Britain’s tallest bovine.

Chilli came to the Sanctuary at 6 days old in 1999 after being dumped at the Sanctuary’s gates with his twin sister Jubilee.

Chilli dwarfed most horses and was the same height as a small elephant; over the years Chilli grew to tower over his sister and companions.

Chilli didn’t eat any more than his other cattle companions. It was when he failed to fit in a standard cattle crush to have his hooves trimmed that we realised just how tall he had grown compared to the rest of the herd.

sumber http://bit.ly/aSVzFy

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